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Walking Tour in the heart of Zaandam

The popular City Walking Tour through the heart of Zaandam is a unique experience in the brand new center of Zaandam. The team of Interactive City Tours has created a unique self-guided interactive tour of the train station to the dam square. The tour takes about two hours and guarantees fun for young and old. You just need your mobile phone and you're good to go!

The team of Interactive City Tours created the first tour during the lockdown of the COVID pandemic. We wanted to create an experience where you can experience something fun during the lockdown for small and big groups. After some test runs we realised we can do this with a self-guided tour with a party leader in the group and interactions between a live chat. 

The party leader takes control of the tour and guides the group to the next location. Once arrived at the destination the group has to answer a question to unlock the challenge, which is related to the history of Zaandam or the specific location. With these individual or team challenges you can earn points. After completing the challenge the tour guide will receive new the coördinates of the next location. 

You can get started with the tour by purchasing it through the link at the bottom of this page. You'll receive an email with a special code to unlock the tour. Share the code directly in chat though Web ChatTelegram or Facebook Messenger. Your tour will begin directly! We recommend to go on tour with 3 till 8 people. If you have a bigger group we recommend to purchase more tours. You can start the tour with 15 minutes apart. Make sure your smartphone is charged and camera ready, because 120% fun is guaranteed! 

We wish you the best of luck with the Zaandam City Center Self-Guided Walking Tour! 

The tour starts at the Town Hall of Zaandam at Stadhuisplein 100, 1506 MZ Zaandam, Netherland. 

Zaandam City Center Walking Tour

  • Duration of 2 hours
  • Minimum of 3 people
  • Maximum of 8 people
  • Starting point Stadhuisplein 100, 1506 MZ Zaandam
  • € 20 per group

You'll receive a code and information after purchase. 

Start the tour at the townhall of Zaandam

Zaandam City Center Walking Tour with different stops, activities and challenges. A super interactive self-guided walking tour for groups of friends and family.


  • Starting point: Zaandam Centrum in front of the Town Hall next to the train station. Stadhuisplein 100, 1506 MZ at Zaandam.
  • Minimum of 3 people
  • Maximum of 8 people per group
    • More people? Purchase more tours
  • Duration of 2 hours
  • Total of 10 stops
  • Total distance of 3 kilometers

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